Our First Two Days of School

Our first day of school went okay. There were a few tears and some frustrations, but that’s to be expected on the first day after a long summer break. It didn’t help that I was pretty tired yesterday as I didn’t get enough sleep the night before, thanks to my husband jolting me awake with a razor sharp toenail kick in the back of my leg, and then my children getting up way before they are allowed to and getting into trouble. Add to that, it was a rainy, gloomy day (a blessing though because we’ve really needed the rain) and I was tired all day.

Still it went okay and I didn’t break down in tears mid-morning, feeling like a failure and calling my very experienced-homeschooling mom in need of encouragement. (I had to do that last year.) So that’s progress on my part!

I am happy we’ve started. Emily did very well in her “preschool” and was quite happy. Joshua was a bit of a challenge because he was tired and cranky that morning since Nathan woke him up far too early that morning, but we managed. I have learned that sometimes you just have to “go with it” and that ideal schedule doesn’t always happen. It can be more stressful to insist on sticking to that schedule than allowing flexibility into our school day, so keeping that knowledge in the forefront of my mind really helped.

I was able to finish my household chores that afternoon (when I say finish I mean my “then to-do list” because when is a stay at home mom’s chores ever done?) I even baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies. So overall, Monday was a decent day.

Today went much better. I went to bed early last night and woke feeling refreshed and like myself. We started school on time, Nathan finished his work with a much better attitude, and Emily did well again today. Joshua was in a better mood today too (probably because his older brother didn’t wake him up too early!) and that also helped. We took a break mid-morning and went for a walk, which was very fun and refreshing.

Here’s a few pictures from yesterday:

Emily with her new notebook:
Emily & Nathan, with his new notebook:
Nathan, hard at work on his cursive writing:
Emily, practicing her letters:
Joshua, insisting on not being ignored:

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