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Here’s some pictures from our trip to Story Land last week. It was a gorgeous 75 degree day and we had so much fun!

We spent the whole day there – arriving at 9 am when it opened and staying until closing time at 6 pm. It was a long but incredibly fun day.

Joshua did much better than I expected. He’s a pretty good baby but I expected him to be somewhat fussy with different surroundings, not being able to nap as well (he’s a tummy sleeper – hey I admit it!) and a lot more stimulation. But he did great. He generally dislikes his carseat but he only fussed a little bit for the 1.5 hour car ride. And he was great for the whole day. He only got upset at the very end of the day. I was really happy & surprised.

At one point, while waiting in line at the Antique Cars ride (about the only ride we could all go on!), I heard someone call my name. I looked up and it was my doctor – my OB, who delivered Joshua! It was so fun to see her. And she was pretty amazed at how well I was doing and that I was so active with a 7 week old. I had felt pretty good about everything myself, but it was nice to hear from my own doctor! We were able to meet her family too which was neat. I was able to say “Yep, she had something to do with this one (Emily) AND this one (Joshua)’s entrance into the world!” Really, if you think about it, it’s got to be pretty amazing to walk around and see kids running around and know that you helped them come into the world.

Nathan is officially 48″ tall – tall enough to go on the rides by himself. Not that we let him – he is after all, only 6, and just because he’s big enough doesn’t mean he’s mature enough. But it did come in handy when he was able to go on the “Polar Coaster” in a seat just in front of Daddy & Emily instead of having to wait for his own turn.

And Emily is now tall enough (36″) to go on all the rides this year. She surprised me with how daring she was. All the rides are designed for young children, but some – like the Polar Coaster & Bamboo Chutes – are a little faster than others. But she loved them all.


Okay, so pictures:

Emily & Nathan by the classic Story Land “Humpty Dumpty” (who I personally think is a little creepy, but that may be just me…) :

Emily on the slide of the giant treehouse playground set – she insisted on carrying the brochure she received at the entrance and held it the entire time she was running around the treehouse:
Nathan disappearing up the treehouse entrance:

Me feeding Joshua:

Emily getting yet another sticker from the sweet “Old Lady Who Lived in the Shoe” – she went back numerous times and even got a sticker for Puppy

The spider from “Little Miss Muffet”

Three Little Pigs:

Posing with the “Princess Castle” in the background. Emily was wild with excitement:

Emily loved the “Princess Castle” as she insisted on calling it. She raced up the hill and then was very shy when Cinderella said “hi.” She refused to sit with Cinderella or hug her but Nathan was quite willing!

I wanted to get a cute picture of the kids in front of the castle…but you all know how easy that is! (Not!):

Later, when we went back a second time, Emily was convinced to let Cinderella hug her. Not the greatest picture as Emily wouldn’t stay for very long, but it was cute.

All the while, Joshua was quite happy in the stroller:

Riding the Carousel:

I need one of these for at home!:

And then we went to the Polar Coaster:

Emily’s first ride on the Polar Coaster with Daddy (it’s really hard to see her – she’s sitting right next to Nate):

She liked it so much, she wanted to ride it again and again. Here they are again, this time with Nathan in front:


Then we went to the Bamboo Chutes – more pictures and Emily’s story here:

Again with Daddy (who didn’t “save” Emily from the water, much to her great disappointment!):

Classic Story Land pictures – me & the kids:

We tried to get one of the kids with Daddy, but Nathan & Emily were too excited about something else to cooperate, so we settled for Daddy & Joshua:

Emily talking with Mother Goose:

We had a fantastic day. It was so amazing to get away as a family and do something so fun!

After we left, we took the scenic route home through the mountains & stopped along the Kancamangus Highway to feed Joshua – and get some pictures of the majestic beauty:

This is one of my favorite pictures of the day:

Joshua was so happy at this point – he was smiling and smiling. Of course the camera decided to go goofy and the picture quality is pretty bad… but I think these are pretty cute!:

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Burkulater says:

    Storybook Land looks like the coolest place ever!

    I can't believe you just had a baby! You look fabulous!

  2. Sounds like y'all had a fantastic trip!

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