Emily & the Bamboo Chutes

We went to Story Land on Thursday and had so much fun. I’ll post more about it later – with lots of pictures, but for now, here’s a short story and a couple pictures.

Last year, Emily was big enough to go on one of the “bigger kid” rides – the “Bamboo Chutes.” She went once and did not like it. And later when I went a couple times with Nathan, she stood by the side with Daddy and cried because she was afraid for Mommy. It was so funny & so sweet.

This year, Emily was tall enough to go on all the rides. She was just 36″ – the cut off. She went on the “Polar Coaster,” a small roller coaster and really enjoyed it.

She also decided to give the Bamboo Chutes another chance this year. She went with Nathan & me for the first time. She was quite offended when she got splashed at the end and told me quite firmly “I want to go again. With DADDY. He won’t let me get wet!”

She went with Daddy & Nathan for a 2nd ride. When she got off, she was VERY indignant and informed me “Daddy not save me from the water! I get wet!” She had had absolute faith that her beloved Daddy would keep every drop of water away from her and when he naturally failed to do so, she was very offended.

It was hilarious.

More pictures to come – hopefully tomorrow if I have time. Monday is usually my day to get the house back in order after the chaos of the weekend, so I often don’t find time to get on the computer until late in the day… But I will try!


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  1. Journey Through Toddlerhood says:

    Yeah for Story Land! Emma is so jealous that Emily got to go on the Bamboo Shoots! She was too short :o(. Hopefully next year!

  2. Wade and Ericka says:

    That looks like so much fun!! I wish we could go on some type of outting like that!

  3. Burkulater says:

    Oooh! How fun…and right after having a baby…you go girl!

  4. Meghan: Oh that's too bad. I'm sure she will be big enough by next year!

    Ericka: Yeah it's wonderful!

    Burkulater: lol, thanks! I felt pretty good about it all. I wasn't doing that kind of thing that soon after I had the other two. Something about your 3rd and you just have to get back to normal quickly. Well you know… 😉

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