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I’m in the mood to blog, so I sit here debating what I should write about today.
For starters, we’ve had a pretty good day so far.
I haven’t done a ton of chores today because I am exhausted from really overdoing it on Monday & Tuesday. I did do my 1 mile walking work-out and I just got back from taking the kids for an almost 1 mile walk around the neighborhood. It’s another beautiful day here in New Hampshire and I am very much enjoying this 70 degree spring weather. May & June are my favorite months of the year. It’s not too hot yet, but it’s usually plenty warm enough to wear short-sleeves and have fun outside. The beautiful flowers, the freshly opened green leaves on all the trees are just gorgeous.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was an interesting day in the morning and a fun day in the afternoon. I woke up very tired because I had gone to bed late (my fault) and then Nathan had kept me up even later complaining that his foot was hurting (growing pains – just part of being a mom.) Emily woke me up earlier than usual because she had decided to throw everything out of her crib – her puppy, her dolls, her blankets. And then she bawled her little eyes out until I came in, got her out of her crib, and gathered up her “crew.” She does that semi-frequently lately. You would think she would get it that once she throws everything out, she can’t have it until Mom comes in. I guess it’s a ploy to get me out of bed. Smart girl, huh?

So I get up with Emily & find that Nathan had wet his pants again. He’s five, he’s completely potty trained (has been since age 3.5) but lately he’s gone through a phase where he’s too busy to get to the bathroom in time, so he wets his pants a little before then racing off to the bathroom. It’s enough that he has to change his pants and underwear and add even more laundry to my already constantly growing pile of laundry. (Did I mention today is my unofficial laundry day? Yeah I have to get cracking as soon as I get off here…) I’m already in a grumpy mood because I’m tired & now I’m frustrated with Nathan. It’s 8 am and I feel like I’m going to lose it. Nathan says to me, “Mom, are we going to go downstairs and have breakfast.” I tell him yes, we are. His response “WHY?”

I think I felt something pop in my head. The I’m going-to-completely-seriously-go-certifiably-insane kind of pop.
Yeah, my poor husband got a call from me rather early. I don’t know how much he actually understood because I probably was not very coherent, but he listened & offered as much support as he could. (Thank you, dear Nate, for putting up with that!)

The rest of my day did get better thankfully. We had some friends over & had a really nice time. We haven’t seen them in a couple months because we were sick so much, so it was great to get caught up. And let the kids play too. Nathan asked me so many times this morning if “Jack was coming over” again today that I thought I was going to go crazy. I had to keep explaining to him that we would probably see Jack again after we got back from visiting Grandpa. He would ponder that for a bit and then launch into his “visiting Grandpa” questions. He has a whole list – “Are we going to see Grandpa today?” “Why not?” “When are we going?” “Is Grandpa going to come to Story Land with me?” And don’t forget the random “Why’s?” scattered about.
I would just think he was finally done with his list of “Grandpa questions” when he would ask about Jack again. And so it would continue.


Back from a kiddo-interruption. Nathan & Emily were outside playing & they wanted to come in. I got them both some drinks & then Nathan wanted to go back outside with Emily. Emily had gone into the living room and was playing with some toy. I told him he could ask Emily if she wanted to go out with him. Nathan’s version of “asking” was to grab Emily’s arm & drag her toward the door. Needless to say, that didn’t go over so well. She ended up screaming & I had to intervene. She was getting tired & so I ended up putting her back down for another nap. Emily will typically take 1 2-hour nap, usually right after lunch. Today she only napped for about an hour, so when she started getting cranky & walking around holding her puppy & sucking her fingers a few minutes ago, I knew it was time for nap #2.

Here’s a few miscellaneous thoughts:

Today is laundry day & I’ve started a bit late. I swear I just did 5 loads of laundry this weekend. I think it would multiply & overtake the house if I didn’t do any for more than a week!

Nathan is outside yelling because he took off his new sandals, took all the straps apart, & now is having a hard time putting them back on.

I wish my A Beka catalog would arrive already! I ordered it on April 23rd and it’s been over 2 weeks now. I really need that catalog before the A Beka book show next week so I can figure out for sure what books to order for Nathan’s kindergarten next fall. I called A Beka yesterday & they confirmed they did mail it out and I should receive it any day. I hope it’s tomorrow!

I am beginning to compile my To-Do and To-Bring lists for our trip to Ohio. I have to pack for myself, the 2 kids, and the 2 dogs (not that they need a lot!) for a 3 week visit. We leave 1 week from tomorrow!

Ok, so this is not the greatest blog post. But my blog is titled “Musings from a SAHM” and these are my musings. So there you have it… 😉


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